helping people find their way


People have different needs based on different histories, cultural backgrounds, circumstances, personality traits, preferences, outlook on life etc. I try to be flexible with my approach as over 20 years of experience in the field have taught me that people, circumstances, the quality of a given relationship and a particular situation vary a great deal. This requires a capacity to respond to the needs of every moment with any given individual. No one approach or technique works for everybody or at all times.

Feeling heard and seen is vitally important and I regard the development of trust and understanding to be essential. I value the feedback that people provide about their experience of the work as research tells us that the client‘s experience of it is crucial to the process.

The main influences that inform how I think about my work are drawn from phenomenological, psychodynamic, and Jungian approaches. I also utilise cognitive behavioural techniques and strategies, and a systemic perspective when they are called for.

My work is strongly underpinned by a relational perspective. Relational patterns tend to get recreated in the process of psychological work and thus provide an opportunity to be examined in the immediacy of the consulting room. The purpose of this is to use the insights gained in this process in order to develop some influence over these patterns in your life.